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A selection of film and transparency (slides) images from the 1970 onwards. I bought an Olympus OM1 whilst living in Scotland, captured many satisfying images. I still shoot the ocassional film with the OM1 or my Leica M6. Great days, but I've grown to love digital even more. Here are also some old family photos. My Father was an excellent amateur photographer, He served with the RAF in India in the 1930's I've included two of his competition winners.
Southsea and Old Portsmouth. A selection of images by Ian Crowson from the thousands taken over the years. These photos are intended to be of interest to local people rather than having any artistic claims.
We spent three weeks photographing Cuba in 2013. First a fascinating week in Havana. Much of it is very run down. We enjoyed the friendly people but a week was enough. We hired a car to see some country areas, much of which are beautiful. The third week in a beach hotel was good. However we could have been anywhere with a beautiful beach and warms sea.
At times my main photographic interest.
In February 2014 we visited Morocco for two weeks. After five or six nights in Marrakech I hired a 4x4 and drove into desert areas. Amazing sand dunes just like this photo, if you could find an area untouched by 4x4 and quad bikes. We had two camels and the camel man in blue and rode into the sunset, peace on earth.
Greece includes 227 inhabited Islands. Sadly I have visited only about twenty of these. Warm people, wonderful light and endless photo shots. We have sailed and ferry hopped around Aegean and Ionian Seas. The most enjoyable islands tend to be those without cruise ship ports or air ports. Peace and a slow way of life we should not lose.
We have had three road trips in the USA. Driving is brilliant, big cars and wide open roads. Cool California, with spectacular Yosemite. Busy New York, Florida, and The Keys. Nashville, don't miss if you are into Country Music. North Caroline with the Smoky Mountains, Memphis and Civil Rights The Mississippi and the Civil War, New Orleans and Atlanta. Las Vegas. but don't lose your shirt. So much more to see, what a Country. Probably the the most outgoing and friendliest people on earth. A Country of contrasts. The differences between the wealthy and poor are much more noticeable than here in the UK. Everything is just so big.
Places Around The World
France Holland The UK Madrid and Spain Budapest Southsea, Cuba, Morocco, Greece and the USA have their own Galleries.
In 2012 I submitted the required ten images to The Royal Photographic Society for consideration for the Licentiate Award. The photos are required to show a range of photographical skill, night, macro etc. They should also appear balanced as a panel. I was successful, my panel is below.
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